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Career Questionnaire

Why not try our simple quiz. You may learn something you never knew about yourself.
Just read the questions and then decide which response – A, B, C or D – is the most suitable for you. There are no right or wrong answers.

1. Do you enjoy working outdoors?
    A. Never
    B. Yes, whatever the weather
    C. Only when the sun shines
    D. As a last resort

2. Do you play chess or other board games?
    A. Yes, I really enjoy them
    B. No, they are extremely boring
    C. Only if I have to
    D. I prefer to do other more interesting things

3. Do you like to take things apart to see how they work?
    A. If I have to for a school project
    B. Yes
    C. No, I don’t care how things work
    D. No, I can never put them back together again

4. Do you love phoning your friends for a chat, even when you’ve got nothing special to say?
    A. All of the time
    B. Never
    C. Only when my parents are out
    D. Sometimes

5. Do you do your own work at school?
    A. All of the time
    B. Most of the time
    C. I always copy from the top student
    D. Only if the work is easy

6. Is other people’s respect important to you?
    A. Yes, it helps my self esteem
    B. I feel embarrassed about what other people think
    C. I don’t care what other people think
    D. I am not sure

7. Do you like animals?
    A. I like all animals
    B. Only if they are small and fluffy
    C. No, they are smelly and unpleasant
    D. I am not that bothered

8. Would you like the opportunity to travel and learn another language?
    A. I am no good at languages, I get embarrassed speaking them
    B. Yes, other cultures and languages are important to know about
    C. I’d rather stay at home
    D. I am not very confident but I would give it a go

9. Do you enjoy crosswords and other puzzles?
    A. Only if I can use a dictionary
    B. No, they bore me
    C. Sometimes
    D. Yes, they help sharpen your mind

10. Do you like staying in bed all day watching TV?
      A. No, it’s a waste of time
      B. My idea of heaven
      C. Yes, if it is raining outside
      D. Nothing else to do at weekends and in school holidays

11. Is it important that you fulfil your ambitions and earn a good salary?
      A. Yes, very important
      B. Enjoying my work is the most important thing
      C. Money isn’t everything
      D. Not particularly

12. Do figures and calculations thrill you?
      A. No, it’s all very dull
      B. Yes, I like working with numbers
      C. I like working with numbers but I find it difficult
      D. Only if they are very easy

13. Do you read newspapers and watch current affairs on TV?
      A. Only for particular events
      B. Yes, I find it very interesting
      C. I’d rather watch sport or fashion
      D. No, it is very uninteresting

14. Do you regard yourself as quick thinking and imaginative?
      A. Most of the time
      B. Not first thing in the morning
      C. I am not sure
      D. Yes

15. Do you enjoy computer games?
      A. No
      B. I prefer to play sport
      C. Yes, I love them
      D. It depends which games

16. Do you enjoy being part of a team?
      A. No, I prefer to work on my own
      B. Yes, it provides a creative environment
      C. If I can work with people I like
      D. If I can boss other people around

17. Where does your future lie?
      A. I’ll let my parents decide for me
      B. What future?
      C. I don’t have time to think about it
      D. I am making my own informed decisions

18. If you start something do you like to finish it properly?
      A. Always
      B. Only if I can be bothered
      C. Never
      D. Only if I am forced to

19. Do you like science at school?
      A. No, it is desperately boring
      B. It’s sometimes interesting
      C. I always look forward to it
      D. My parents say I have to like it

20. Do you enjoy explaining your ideas to other people?
      A. Sometimes, but they don’t always understand
      B. Yes, I like to hear other people’s views
      C. Not really, I am shy and not very confident
      D. I prefer to keep my ideas to myself

How to work out the scores
1. (A) 0  (B) 4  (C) 2  (D) 1 
2. (A) 4  (B) 0  (C) 2  (D) 2 
3. (A) 2  (B) 3  (C) 0  (D) 1 
4. (A) 0  (B) 4  (C) 1  (D) 2 
5. (A) 4  (B) 3  (C) 0  (D) 1 
6. (A) 3  (B) 2  (C) 0  (D) 1 
7. (A) 4  (B) 3  (C) 1  (D) 2
8. (A) 1  (B) 4  (C) 0  (D) 3 
9. (A) 2  (B) 0  (C) 2  (D) 4
10. (A) 3  (B) 0  (C) 1  (D) 1
11. (A) 4  (B) 3  (C) 2  (D) 1
12. (A) 0  (B) 3  (C) 2  (D) 1
13. (A) 2  (B) 4  (C) 1  (D) 0
14. (A) 3  (B) 1  (C) 1  (D) 4
15. (A) 0  (B) 2  (C) 4  (D) 2
16. (A) 1  (B) 4  (C) 1  (D) 0
17. (A) 1  (B) 0  (C) 1  (D) 4
18. (A) 4  (B) 1  (C) 0  (D) 1
19. (A) 0  (B) 2  (C) 4  (D) 0
20. (A) 3  (B) 4  (C) 1  (D) 0

How to interpret your score
More than 55
Your love of problem solving, machinery and the outdoors makes production chemistry or chemical engineering an ideal career. Both careers are important within the chemical industry (petroleum, plastics, pharmaceuticals, food, drink, paper, cosmetics) and are often very lucrative.

55 – 40
Whether it’s in research, marketing, law, finance or the environment, the chemical industry could use your thorough innovative approach to problems. The UK chemical industry is responsible for producing all the drugs, cosmetics, paints and plastics that we use and depends on high calibre individuals to ensure it maintains high standards. If you really care about the future, get into the chemical industry and ensure it’s a bright one.

40 – 25
Careers in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science all incorporate the caring, cooperative, approach you prefer. But these aren’t the only careers in this area. Nursing, environmental health, nutrition and science teaching all require similar skills and have one major thing in common – they all need chemistry. In fact, most degree courses in these subjects specify chemistry as the most important subject at A-level or Scottish Highers.

Less than 25
It’s very doubtful that you’ve got what it takes to be a chemist. But even though chemistry doesn’t need you, you still need chemistry. Your couch potato life depends on chemistry for the colours you see, the food you eat and the clothes you wear. You can’t escape it. If you want to understand the changing world around you, a basic understanding of chemistry is vital. So get up, open your eyes, and start thinking.

Source: Royal Society of Chemistry

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